Willow And The Wolf Music


Early Life

Native to the Seattle area, I took up piano at age 9.  Still, I didn’t begin writing music until after I had moved away from home and out of state.  Maybe it was the feeling of being so far away, or the fact that life had now provided me with more experiences than I would ever wish on a little girl…  but for whatever the reason, my songs simply began writing themselves.  And the warm music scene of Salt Lake City–it’s bustling coffee houses and local rock venues–were quick to accept my unique sound and distinct style.

I am back in Washington now.  And although my songs feel like they have truly come home, there’s a piece of my heart that will forever belong to Salt Lake City.


The Sound

…sounds like, Cyndi Lauper fell down the rabbit hole.

Willow and the Wolf creates a nearly schizophrenic environment of dueling characters.  Many songs wrap powerful and dark melodies from indie-pop around sugary, bright, and unexpected bursts of anti-folk.

Despite an overwhelmingly “commercial” structure to the music, the dynamics in volume, voices and melody, all seem to play a trick on the mind giving the constant sense of having no idea what is coming next.

 Genre:  indie-pop, indie-folk, singer-songwriter, hints of anti-folk


Although creating music is Willow And The Wolf’s greatest passion, she also loves to create visual art through her photography.  Specifically, of other musicians.  “Just put a camera in my hand and give me an awesome beat to “snap” to.”